About service

SIP to Skype termination gateway is intended for voip companies wich works with voice traffic, termination, origination and  asigned for voice traffic transfer to Skype network like a Skype trunk.

We provide a termination for SIP/IAX calls to Skype with high perfomance, excellent quality and competitive prices.

You (the customer) terminate to us SIP, IAX traffic, and we did land calls on Skype system.

Service means, that you send to us a call over SIP, where “To” field in header contains destination skype-nickname, and we forward call to the specified Skype-login.


  • Highly scalable – up to 100 concurrent lines;
  • Works with Asterisk and other SIP equipment;
  • g711u,  g711a, g729 codecs allowed.

To test our service you need to contact us

Technical support, financial and so on.

8-19 of  GMT+1,  Saturday,  Sunday – closed.

Future plans:

A similar service for GoogleTalk, Yahoo, WindowsLive, etc.